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    Discount Deal for Brad Sugars in Omaha
    ActionCOACH is Hosting Brad Sugars in Omaha September 18
    ActionCOACH Omaha is bringing Brad Sugars to Omaha in September!

    Use Promo Code "sarpy" for a $40 discount.

    Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
    Time: 8:30-12:30pm
    Location: Embassy Suites La Vista Convention Center 
    Price: $99 $59 for Chamber Members

    Brad Sugars is the founder and CEO of ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm. Brad is a world-class speaker and author of 17 business books (Including 4 International Bestsellers).

    For over 25 years, Brad has been coaching and advising business owners. His insights, cut-to-the-chase style, and ability to frame complex issues in clear and easy-to-address terms will challenge how you think about your business.

    Join us for a motivating and educational event that is sure to benefit you like millions of others who have seen Brad live!

    Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brad-sugars-in-omaha-tickets-60957053187 

    "Your best decisions are based on your goals, not your fears." ~ Brad Sugars

    Contact Information
    phone: (402) 676-8809
    Offer Valid: August 28, 2019September 19, 2019
    Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce
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