• Lead Bankcard Specialist - 90th & Dodge (1679)

    American National Bank-La Vista
    Job Description

    Job Summary

    Provide oversite for the staff and daily functions of the Bank Card Services operations team including service delivery, financial settlement, reconciliation and account maintenance.   Develop and implement sound operational procedures and train, mentor, and help evaluate the performance of the team.   Monitor operations and service delivered by vendors to ensure efficiency and compliance with Card Network and federal rules and regulations for all card programs (debit / credit / gift cards).  Help manage card issuance and plastic inventory for all card programs.  Serve as Subject Matter Expert in lifecycle management of Reg E and Reg Z processing for all ATM, Debit and Credit Card disputes including chargebacks and representment.  Manage fraud risks associated with card programs.  Work closely with service vendors to implement new fraud mitigation strategies.   Stays current on new developments in card payment field, monitor trends and research new service offerings.  Collaborate with internal team and service vendors to develop, plan and implement new services in support of bankcard operations team.      

    Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

    • Coordinate and oversee the administration of daily activities related to ATM/ITM and bank cards including but not limited to dispute handling, General Ledge reconciliation, fraud reporting, Account monitoring, card maintenance, inventory management and network and bank reporting.
    • Keep abreast of and ensures compliance with all related Federal, State and Industry laws and regulations pertaining to Banking and card network associations, including operating rules and regulations of Mastercard, Reg E, Reg Z, Reg GG, Fair Lending Act.
    • Assists in the development, implementation, and communication of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards for the department
    • Prioritizes the functions of the department and makes recommendations on operations.
    • Prepares reports related to work performed; activity reports and program statistics; periodic departmental reports / records for management as needed
    • Develops and standardizes operating procedures and methods to improve efficiency/effectiveness of operations; researches, evaluates and supports implementation of opportunities to streamline processes
    • Prepares clear and concise reports, correspondence, procedures and other written material
    • Monitor fraud reporting and respond accordingly to alerts and trends across all card programs
    • Assist with daily support activities relative to bank card services during times of high volume
    • Establish / maintain strong relationships with key service providers in support of bankcard programs; coordinate with vendor on system changes and understand impact of system changes to bank card operations

    Experience Needed:

    • Two to four years of bank operations experience.
    • Previous banking (finance/accounting) and card experience, preferably in bank operations.

    Education, Licensure & Certification Needed:

    • College degree preferred or equivalent work experience.

    Skills & Abilities Needed:

    • Seasoned knowledge and expertise in bank or card operations, analytics and risk management
    • Organized and detail oriented with ability to effectively multi-task in a fast-paced environment
    • Knowledge of polices, procedures, applicable laws, codes, regulations and materials related to the operation and maintenance or responsibilities that reside in bank card services department
    • Knowledge of banking operations and best practices, including specialized knowledge of Reg. E, Reg Z , Reg GG and Fair Lending Act.
    • Knowledge of basic accounting concepts and procedures.


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