• Portfolio Manager I (1184)

    American National Bank
    Job Description

    Job Summary

    The Portfolio Manager partners with Commercial Bankers in servicing all aspects of a commercial loan portfolio, including credit analysis, risk management and cross sales.  

    Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

    • Gathers necessary financial information from clients and analyzes source documents, such as various types of financial statements, tax returns, credit bureau reports and supplemental information to determine potential risk and repayment of loan based on historical and pro-forma repayment capacity.
    • Develops credit information, such as debt service ability and cash flow analysis, for use by banking officers and/or committees in making lending decisions on new, renewed and existing loans.
    • Accurately assess the bank quality rating of the customer based on financial performance, industry and other variables.
    • Assist in managing annual reviews and renewals, portfolio reviews, collateral exceptions, borrowing bases and delinquencies.
    • Manage risk on an ongoing basis by monitoring customer credit worthiness, adherence to loan terms and general business conditions.

    Experience, Education & Training Requirements

    Experience Needed:
    • 1-2 years previous experience in credit analysis or commercial banking preferred.
    • Previous banking experience preferred.
    Education, Licensure & Certification Needed:
    • Bachelor’s Degree in business, accounting, finance strongly preferred or equivalent experience required.
    Skills & Abilities Needed:
    • Knowledge of spreadsheet applications as they pertain to financial analysis. Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
    • Ability to analyze various types of financial statements and credit reports, both business and consumer related.
    • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

    Universal Job Requirements

    It is the responsibility of every employee in the bank to ensure:

    • All personal actions demonstrate strong ethics in full alignment with all applicable consumer protection laws, financial industry regulations, the bank’s overall Compliance program objectives, as well as documented policy and procedure.
    • Personal finances are effectively managed.
    • Reliable attendance is maintained.
    • Personal actions continuously reflect the bank in a professional and positive manner.
    • The effective completion of all duties as assigned.

    Job Competencies

    • Financial Analysis: Ability to read, interpret and draw accurate conclusions from financial data.
    • Attention to Detail: Taking responsibility and ownership for a thorough and detailed analysis.
    • Decision Making: Drawing accurate and realistic conclusions and making timely decisions based on available information.
    • Institutional Finance: Knowledge of finance, financial methods and strategies employed by private and public corporations.
    • Data Gathering and Analytics: Collecting, consolidating and using relevant information; recognizing important information; tracing possible causes of issues, searching for practical solutions.
    • Credit Analysis and Verification: Knowledge of credit standards, techniques and practices for determining the credit worthiness of an applicant.
    • Financial Services Regulatory Environment: Knowledge of applicable federal, state, local and industry specific regulations, policies and guidelines affecting business practices.
    • Client Interactions: Knowledge of and ability to utilize customer’s profiles and information. Knowledge of practices, tools, and techniques for communicating with a client.
    • Teamwork: Working as a productive member of a cohesive group toward a common goal, and contributing to team development and effective team dynamics.
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