• News Release: 8/13/2019

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    August 13, 2019
    New service offered at Essentials Natural Family Health! Trina Ware is our Clinical Hypnotherapist. Trina has over 14 years experience as a Hypnotherapist! Hypnosis CAN help you succeed when nothing else has worked! Hypnosis can help with the following and MORE....
    Stop Smoking        Weight Loss          Remove Habits
    Anxiety                   Stress                    Alcohol Abuse
    Remove Fears        Relationships        Drug Abuse
    Motivation              Stage Fright            Public Speaking
    Pain Management   Anger Issues         Sexual Issues
    Abuse Issues          Self-Esteem          Concentration 
    Test Anxiety            Shyness               Procrastination
    Improve Mood         Improve Sports     Children's Issues
    and the list goes on and on....
    Call today and change your life! You deserve it!
    Trina Ware, Clinical Hypnotherapist
    (402) 560-2727 or 402-614-0175
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