• Breast Cancer Thriver and Sarpy Chamber Member Releases a Book

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    July 06, 2022
    Sarpy Chamber member Kat Parent is a Breast Cancer Thriver and now an author!  

    “I was diagnosed at stage III with an “intermediate to unfavorable” prognosis. Just like that, I
    underwent mastectomy, chemo, and radiation therapy, as well as Herceptin.

    What I didn’t count on is that this became one of the best things to happen to me! Suddenly, life
    took on new meaning and every day was precious. Priorities were better aligned, and I had
    grown in gratitude and made it my mission to make my story meaningful in helping others.”

    Oh, The Mammaries! is a humorous account of what Kat chose to do with her breast prosthesis when it was no longer needed, following reconstructive surgery. Enjoy this engaging journey that highlights creativity, the power of
    friendships, and unique ways to celebrate life.

    Oh, The Mammaries! can be found on Amazon - Oh, The Mammaries!: How One Woman’s Fake Boob Transformed From Functional To Funny: Parent, Kat: 9798885257886: Amazon.com: Books
    Katheryn Parent, Owner
    kat@perkysupport.com, (402) 320-0119
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