• Dragon’s Lair Announces the Grand Opening of Gretna High School’s First School Apparel Shop

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    October 18, 2023

    Gretna High School is excited to announce the Grand Opening of its very first student-led
    apparel store, the Dragon’s Lair. The Entrepreneurship class, taught by teacher Jeanette
    Kleppinger, sought out a new way to learn and implement entrepreneurial skills in the real
    world. The class saw a need for easier access to buy Gretna's gear and that resulted in deciding
    to create their own apparel shop for the school.

    The Entrepreneurship class gathered ideas, created unique designs, and came up with a
    business plan to determine how they were going to officially make this store happen. With
    generous help from the Gretna Public School Foundation and Gretna Public Schools, the class
    was able to take the steps to purchase all the necessary items they needed to be able to stock
    and run their first school store.

    Students came up with their own designs for the apparel and decided on quality clothing
    brands to ensure that everyone could find a Gretna item they enjoyed wearing and
    representing. Every week, clothing orders show up, and the entrepreneurship students all pitch
    in to heat press and create each and every item sold in the store.

    Thanks to all the help that has been given along the way, the Dragon’s Lair was finally able to
    open up their doors on October 5, 2023 for students and staff to come to see what they’ve
    been working on since August. The apparel shop is just starting out and there is more to come
    throughout the school year as this student-led business continues. The kids involved feel
    enlightened to be able to have this opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship by coming
    together and becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

    Holly Radke, Executive Director
    hradke@gpsne.org, (402) 332-3265
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