• New Sarpy Chamber Branding Unveiled

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    January 14, 2022

    The Sarpy Chamber is excited to unveil a new brand campaign reflecting the organization’s history and evolution. “The variety and scope of the services we provide has grown dramatically over the past few years, but it became clear that our branding had not evolved at the same pace,” said Karen Gibler, President of the Sarpy Chamber. “The new look and messaging has been thoughtfully crafted to represent our core goals of empowerment, advocacy, and creating connections for the business community. We put our whole hearts into helping local businesses and we’re excited to have this new branding as a tool in building relationships.” 

    The Sarpy Chamber’s rebranding process was set to begin in January of 2020 but, like the rest of the world, plans shifted quickly as the world changed rapidly. 

    “It’s something we were completely comfortable with putting on the backburner because we knew 100% of our efforts needed to be helping our members navigate this unprecedented situation,” said Gibler on the Sarpy Chamber’s response to the pandemic. Postponing the rebranding gave the Sarpy Chamber the bandwidth to oversee a range of community initiatives like a food drive, relief grants for businesses, and developing programs to offer membership at no-cost for small businesses. “Ultimately this delay served to sharpen our focus and perspective on who we are to our community, which gave us a strong clarity of purpose when the time came to reignite our rebranding process.”

    It was spring of 2021 when the chamber returned to the task of rebranding. The Sarpy Chamber worked with KidGlov, a marketing, branding, and advertising agency, as well as a Marketing Committee made up of six Sarpy Chamber board members. However, it was the Sarpy Chamber’s members and supporters who were the most important voice in the process. “From the start, we knew this branding needed to come from the perspectives of the people we’re committed to serving,” Gibler explained. 

    As part of the branding process, KidGlov conducted survey research to determine the qualities of the Sarpy Chamber that resonate most with the community. The initial discovery session gathered feedback from the board of directors and continued with follow-up surveys completed by community partners and engaged members.

    “We were really honored to get the effusive feedback we received,” said Gibler. Survey results indicated members most valued the Sarpy Chamber’s ability to create connections, its commitment to inclusion, and empowerment through leadership. “Our stakeholders lead us to a new look with updated messaging that best reflects who we have always been; your unwavering advocate.”
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